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 Thanks for a good 42 YEARS


When Beanfreaks CEO Mr Kevin Bowles and His wife Hilary first opened their doors to the public, it’s hard to envisage how the health food industry would change and that forty years later we would still have a thriving business. 

Beanfreaks is a family business since March 1st 1978.

Victoria is a qualified Nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in complementary health and is our Technical Director, overseeing all training, ensuring our staff have the most up-to date information.

Kevin was inspired by the health food movement of the 1970’s, and had changed his own health pathway through diet and using good nutritional supplements, and was keen to develop stores that offered those opportunities for his customers.


My team of passionate experts are in Albany Road Roath and 124 Cowbridge Road Cardiff. These stores with real people and products that have been around rather along time.

Beanfreaks team of experts make sure we are at the leading edge of the natural health movement and have created this web site to help you get the best range of products delivered direct to your door.

We love and prefer helping you in store but realise that for many reasons you may not be able to get to us. We still would like to get to know you to see if we can help further in your quest for good health. So please do not hesitate to ring on 02920 251671 or email for advice on kevin@beanfreaks.com

Beanfreaks is totally committed to bringing you a full range of health products available anywhere using the most up to date technology which is safe and secure at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the right information on latest products and most importantly the right dose.

Beanfreaks have a whole health food store ready to supply you so most customers if they order before mid-day will get next day delivery. Beanfreaks is dedicated to bring you the best service and if we get it wrong, we can put it right very quickly. Customers regularly tell me we are nice people to deal with so if you have not tried us yet why not put us to the test today.

Beanfreaks is a small independent company with a big heart and is not owned by a supplement company so you will always get unbiased advice.

Please if you have any comments to make

Contact me on kevin@beanfreaks.com

Kevin Bowles
Managing Director
Beanfreaks Ltd,
124 Cowbridge Road East                                                                                                                                 Canton                                                                                                                                                     Cardiff CF11 9DX