Superfood Trail mix

August 26, 2022

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Superfood Trail Mix

The term ’trail mix’ dates back to the 17th century, where combinations of foods believed to provide energy were combined for long journeys.

In the 20th Century the combinations that we are most aware of today were formulated from a blend of peanuts, oats, raisins and Smarties/M&M’s.

The Trail Mix made by Navitas Naturals has its origins set very much in ancient history but with nutritional science with a firm foot in the present.

It’s been impossible to read a blog or pick up a newspaper in the past years without hearing talk about ‘super foods’. This is the idea that grains and fruit used by ancient civilisations gave them the nutrients to supplement their diets and provide them with the strength to build the wonders of the world.

With a delicious and interesting combination of goji, mulberries and golden (also known as Incan berries) no matter whether you’re hiking in a beautiful vista, cramming for a presentation or building your own world wonder - you’ll have all the energy, vitamins and anti-oxidants you need.