Wellness @ Beanfreaks new store opening 4th May 2021
Free delivery over £50
Local deliveries for food and chilled products

Beanfreaks new store opened 1st May 2021

at 8 Royal Arcade, Morgan Quarter, St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1AE

Vicky Perks is looking forward to meeting you there

Message from Victoria Perks Director of Beanfreaks Ltd

Quite a few customers, are a little concerned, about what we might be stocking.

We are very much a health food shop at heart, we will still have all your favourites, plus a few new items.

We are obviously a much smaller store but you will be surprised what I can fit in!

Rest assured if there is something you love chances are someone else loves it too so we will be stocking it, but if you know you coming into town and it’s a must have email me vicky@beanfreaks.com before 2pm the day before and I will endeavour to make sure it’s in stock for you.

We will be stocking Local bread from next week, which can also be ordered in advance.

From Thursdays 20th May I will be stocking pre ordered organic vegetable boxes. Email me in advance your vegetable requests and your box will await your collection.

We are continuing to plough ahead with increasing the sustainability of our packaging.

Our Just Natural Range of Organic, ambient products such as nuts, seeds, cereals, whole grains and pluses, are packaged in fully compostable packets, this fab range allows us to offer these products without fear of cross contamination or hygiene issues.

We will be increasing the range of refillable toiletries, and cleaning products, available to our customers, at a substantial saving to the environment and your pocket.

We will also be introducing you to our Raw Beauty Bar, a fully stocked, bar containing everything your heart could desire to make, your own facial cocktails. Fancy making your own vegan lip balm or Clay face mask, we will have just the ingredient, which you can buy as much or as little as you need.

We are calling the new store Wellness@Beanfreaks, as it very much represents a wellness space in the centre of the city, an opportunity for you to talk to the instore nutritionist about any nutrient or health issue that maybe troubling you, and get friendly fully qualified advice you can trust.

Watch this space launching later in the year, we will be opening up our meditation, meeting room, a safe space to achieve tranquillity, or have fun with friends with our very our well-being pamper parties.

We have so much to show you and talk to you about, and we can’t wait to see you all very soon.


Love and Light,
Victoria and her A team

Local Thursday Home Delivery Service For Cardiff Area


You can email orders to canton@beanfreaks.com by end of Tuesday for delivery on Thursday or call the 02920343226 to give order over the phone.

Please give us your phone number so we can let you know if we have all your requirements and to take credit card Payments.

Our order pickers and drivers will be using disposable gloves, as well as regularly disinfecting surfaces and cleaning their hands, in order to limit the chance of spreading inspection.

As orders will be picked up for despatch on Thursday, we can also send out Frozen Foods, Chilled Products, Fresh Organic Bread and Vegetables.

We will be charging a small fee of £5.00 for this service.

Thank you for your support

Keep safe
Kevin Bowles