Conscious Chocolate Four Nuts Choc Bar 60g

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"Our heart loving bar, made with organic brazils (6%), cashews (6%), hazelnuts (6%) and walnuts (6%). Cacao solids 60%. For all nut lovers. Generous amounts of our four different, coarsely chopped nuts are blended with the plain raw chocolate for the nuttiest experience. Our raw, hand-made chocolate is certified as organic, vegetarian and vegan - and it is free from gluten, dairy and soya - with a low gi and gl and only sweetened with agave nectar. Our robust collection of nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, high in nutrtion and may help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and can be good for your heart. Organic Raw Cacao is a rich source of the stimulant theobromine making our bars naturally uplifting without any of the lows of caffine or refined sugars. Each bar is packed full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids. Eating Conscious Chocolate can promote brain function and memory and help repress your appetite. Our chocolate is a a health giving beauty food, that will enhance feelings of love. Conscious Chocolate is healthy heavenly chocolate."