Alara Active Life Muesli GF Org 250g

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developed for Active People
By combining the different dietary properties of carefully chosen unusual ingredients Active muesli has been formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of a busy and demanding lifestyle.

Everything about this muesli is different: very light from puffed amaranth, sweetened only with apple, with lots of seeds.

Naturally rich in minerals & vitamins for metabolism, energy and coping with stress!
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Power Granola (Quinoa Flakes, Sesame Seeds, Apple Juice) (26%), Amaranth Puffed (20%), Sunflower Seeds (12%), Buckwheat Raw (10%), Pumpkin Seeds (10%), Linseeds Golden (9%), Apple pieces (4%), Brazil Nuts Slices Fair Trade (4%), Quinoa Puffed (4%)
100% organically grown ingredients.
Balanced Nutrition · Dairy Free Recipe · Gluten Free · High Fibre (>8%) · Low Carb (<55%) · Low Natural Sugars (<10%) · No Added Salt · No Added Sugar · Organic · Super Food · Vegan · Very High Proteins (>14%) · Wheat Free Recipe
High in minerals & vitamins for metabolism and energy
No Salt or Sugar added
No Preservatives or Additives