Vitabiotic Wellwoman 90 capsule

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"With a wide range of nutrients and trace elements to support the areas of health which are of most interest to women, Wellwoman provides natural support for a healthy lifestyle and vibrant looks. The scientifically advanced formula helps to maintain energy levels and vitality all year round, with magnesium and B vitamins vital for energy release. It also includes nutrients to help maintain a strong immune system, such as vitamins E and C, which are involved in the synthesis and response of immune cells. Evening primrose oil, starflower oil, and other ingredients thought to help women maintain their balance through their monthly cycle are also included. Wellwoman contains the latest advancements in expert beauty care, since research shows that certain nutrients may act as "internal cosmetics" protecting skin and hair from the inside. It is medically recognized that sagging skin and other conditions such as reddening and wrinkling of skin, ageing of skin cells, and even DNA damage are primarily caused by free radical damage. Researchers have agreed that antioxidant vitamins C, E and beta-carotene are "valuable agents" in preventing such damage. B vitamins, biotin, and minerals such as selenium, copper and zinc are also included as they are essential for hair and nail formation.Wellwoman is unlike any other general multivitamin and mineral supplement in that it carefully balances micronutrient levels with rich sources of GLA to optimise potential benefit in a broad range of health areas. Individually determined levels have been based on years of international medical research so the formula is well balanced, even including the exact level of folic acid recommended by the Department of Health for women from the first day of conception to the twelve week of pregnancy - because women of child-bearing age sometimes need nutritional support before they even know they are pregnant. Fulfilling a diverse range of needs, Wellwoman is the ultimate choice for modern life, as unique as the women who take it.Wellwoman 90 capsules retail at £ 16.55."