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Wellness Herbal Resistance™ Liquid
with Echinacea, Coptis & Yin Chiao
Wellness Herbal Resistance calls upon time-honoured herbal traditions of three continents -
Traditional Chinese, Native American and European - and features a powerful herbal formula
combining traditionally-used and increasingly researched echinacea, elderberry and goldenseal
with Yin Chiao, a valued traditional Chinese herbal complex used in TCM to help maintain balance
in the body.
The liquid form makes this product convenient for mixing in your favourite drink, or is easy to
swallow from the spoon, making it ideal for those who struggle with capsules.
Approx. 23 servings per bottle.
Suitable for vegetarians; contains honey.
Key Ingredients: Elderberry Fruit, Echinacea (E. purpurea & E. angustifolia) Root, Coptis Root, Yin
Chiao Formula (honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, peppermint leaf, schizonepeta aerial parts,
licorice root, prepared soy bean, platycodon root, bamboo shoot, phragmites root, and burdock
seed), Ginger Root, Cinnamomum spp. Bark, Elder Flower, Eleuthero Root, Horehound Aerial
Parts, Isatis Root, Bayberry Root Bark.