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Cannadorra Hemp salt with Chili 165g

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A mix of hemp and Himalayan salt together with a pinch of chilli. Himalayan Salt combines 84 various minerals which are very importan for metabolic processes in our body. One of the most important elements is iron, which gives the salt its typical colour – the higher content of iron, the more intensive rose colour. This salt creates also an alkaline environment in human body.

Hemp is thanks to all its contained organic compounds ideal seasoning for people with digestion problems. It has calming, anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. BIO hemp has been grown in Czech.

Chilli peppers improve digestibility of food, thin blood and stimulate blood circulation.
Practical use of hemp salt BIO:

Hemp-salt seasoning is suitable for regular flavouring of dishes of warm or cold cuisine.

Tip: During cooking, backing or frying in butter or oil cannabinoids contained in hemp are being released as they dissolve better in fats.