Cannadorra CBD Hemp Juice (Powdered) 125Grams

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CBD Hemp Juice 0,6% CBD - with Apple

The smoothest part (pPowder) of CBD-rich hemp buds is mixed with dried apple powder in order to create a unique CBD rich product. It is a great supplement for any CBD therapy. Consumption of CBD Hemp Juice harmonizes basic vital processes in the body including immunity, heartbeat, digesting, levels of glucose and cholesterol in the blood and proper functions of muscles and joints.
Ingredients of CBD Hemp Juice

Smooth powder of hemp buds with fiber - 25%. Dried apple powder - 75%.
Contains CBD and CBDa - 0,6% from net weight.
Cannabinoids content in 1 package- 125g:

CBDa 459,4 mg
CBD 209,4 mg
CBG 37,5 mg
CBN 15,6 mg

How to use

Put a full teaspoon of CBD Hemp Juice into water or milk. Shake it or mix it properly. You can also add any fruits or vegetables. You can also add it to any juice to yogurt, müsli or for baking. Actually baking with CBD hemp juice is the best option since because with heat all the cannabinoids become "active" and more powerful for therapy.