As a food shop we fully intend to keep operational for as long as possible, and provide a service to our loyal customers.

Our three stores will be open from 9am until 5.15pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday 11am - 5pm

We have a unique role to play during this time and our duty and focus is to ensure that healthy foods, your healthcare needs and a wide range of the essential products that we sell are available to those who need them and also to take care of our colleagues.

In addition we would appreciate your support in following our social distancing measures that we have introduced in stores. 

You are able to email orders in advance or call the store and we can select your order ready for you to collect.
Thank you for your support.

Beanfreaks Cardiff

3 St Mary Street, Cardiff

CF10 2AT


Beanfreaks Albany Road,

95 Albany Road CF24 3LP


Beanfreaks Canton,

124 Cowbridge Road East, CF11 9DX


If you are using this site to look to see what we stock at St Mary Street Branch
Beware as we list lots of items, we can get overnight
no chilled or frozen lines we stock are listed on website as we do not send out these lines
So please ring to check if item in stock 02920251671
Or email


                                   Stores Now Stock Vegan Organic Wine and Beer   

All Beanfreaks stores are now doing Organic Vegetables

We need more local suppliers but we have a good selection please order in advance to avoid disappointment.

We value your suggestions to keep these 3 stores relevant to your lives.

Your local independent store based in Cardiff 


Thanks for a good 40 YEARS 1ST MARCH 2018


On March 1st Beanfreaks Health Food Centres will celebrate its fortieth Anniversary.


When Beanfreaks CEO Mr Kevin Bowles and His wife Hilary

first opened their doors to the public, it’s

hard to envisage how the health food industry would change and that forty years later we would still have a thriving business.


Beanfreaks prides itself on being a family business and their children Jeremie, and Victoria also make up the Beanfreaks Team.

Jeremie is a qualified Medical Herbalist, and is Director of

Beanfreaks operations, and Victoria is a qualified Nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in complementary health.

Victoria is our Technical Director, overseeing all training, ensuring our staff have the most up-to date information.

Kevin was inspired by the whole food movement of the 1970’s, and had changed his own health pathway through diet and using good nutritional supplements, and was keen to develop stores That offered those opportunities for his customers.


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Week No 14| 27/03/2019


Taking back control!

It's sobering, but many people spend longer researching their holidays or selecting what car they're planning to buy than they do before making decisions about their health. If you've grown up in the Western world, you've no doubt been conditioned from an early age to see your doctor as a bit of a 'god', they who must be trusted and obeyed. But times are changing. Should you really be placing such a burden of responsibility on your GP/consultant or are there better ways of doing this, such as through 'shared decision-making' or more informed choice, whether it's for us or our dependents?

This week both our articles have been written for all you 'Health Creators' out there who are actively participating in your own health journey - or who would like to start. Our lead article looks at the concept and role of informed choice in healthcare. We hope it gives you some food for thought and sows the seeds of an idea that you can actually retain control over your healthcare decisions. Sometimes I think the terms 'informed choice' and 'informed consent' repel people in their formality. Really it just means that you deserve to be given all the information necessary for making a balanced, informed decision, with or without input from your health professional. Hopefully, it'll mean that you'll devote more time to research before saying yes to healthcare decisions, much as you would before paying for a holiday.

Our second piece features a video from ANH's founder, Rob Verkerk. It's the first in a series we'll be doing to explain what our Blueprint for Health System Sustainability really means for you and why we're so passionate about it. This short video, along with a transcript, talks about creating a universal language around healthcare so we can understand each other in order to make better informed decisions. 

In health naturally, sustainably and properly informed



Meleni Aldridge

Executive coordinator


Is your medical consent properly informed?


Does your doctor tell you about the risks of treatments being offered as well as alternative options and support you in making informed decisions about your health care choices?


The new health language


This vlog explains why a common language allowing exchanges between citizens and health professionals could transform health care


News Alerts: Week 13, 2019


Kale hits the Dirty Dozen; UK NHS & DNA testing; Alzheimer’s drug failure; The BMJ & breastfeeding; Mind/body therapy use increase


Are you an avid health creator and an active member of the healthcare revolution?

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