Renew Life Renew Life Liver DTX (UK) 1pack

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LiverDETOX Kit is a 30 day, two part cleansing program. It is designed to cleanse and detoxify the liver, while at the same time, support and enhance normal liver function.
LiverDETOX Kit Part I contains herbs, amino acids, and anti-oxidants which support detoxification and cleansing of the liver. LiverDETOX Kit Part II contains a blend of ayurvedic herbs that help support optimal liver function. LiverDETOX Kit works on two different levels.
First, it works to improve the natural cleansing and detoxification action of the liver by enhancing both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification.
Second, LiverDETOX Kit works to support and enhance liver function, which helps to regulate and normalize the production of hormones, enzymes, and blood sugar levels. In this way, LiverDETOX Kit not only helps support the liver, but assists in thousands of bodily processes that are necessary for optimal health.
LiverDETOX Kit also helps stimulate the liver's production of bile, which is required to emulsify dietary fat. Bile is also used as a vehicle to carry toxins from the liver into the small intestine, where they are absorbed by fibre and removed from the body through the colon.
LiverDETOX Kit – Directions for use
Take 2 capsules of LiverDETOX I in the morning on an empty stomach (30 minutes before eating). Take 2 capsules of LiverDETOX II in the evening on an empty stomach (3 hours after eating).
Please Note: Cleansing can be intense. Therefore, you may wish to take half the suggested dose for the first 3 days and then go to full strength.
Warnings / Contraindications
Discontinue use if abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting occurs unless otherwise directed by a physician. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or after recent surgery.
Do not take if you have gall stones. Consult your physician prior to use if taking blood thinning medication. Keep out of reach of children.